When bone cancer patients are sick with the virus, the good news is there’s nothing to worry about

A lot of people are wondering why they’re experiencing symptoms of bone cancer when they’re not.

That’s because bone cancer has no symptoms, so the virus can’t infect them.

“They’re all just like, ‘oh no, I’m going to die’,” Dr Hamer said.

“And they’re like, well, we don’t have any symptoms so I guess we’re fine.”

In the meantime, the bone cancer patient’s prognosis is much better than that of someone who’s already got the virus.

“They’ll be at a much higher risk of death than someone who hasn’t had it,” Dr Heder said.

So if you’re worried about bone cancer, Dr Hester recommends you do some simple things.

Read more about cancer and the virus at the ABC.

Dr Hamer says people can protect themselves from the virus by avoiding the area around the affected area, and using a vaccine if they do have it.

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