When a tattoo artist dies, he leaves behind a legacy

The death of a tattooist in Wisconsin raises questions about whether a tattoo is a form of death, and whether the law should apply to the deaths of people who have died as a result of cancer.

In a letter published in the New York Times, the artist and his wife, Susan, wrote that they would no longer be able to perform tattoos for their customers because of a legal ruling in the state.

Susan McKee, who was working as a tattoo technician at a tattoo shop in Wisconsin, was diagnosed with cancer on Sept. 10.

The couple is now separated, and the Times said that McKee’s death “opens the door to a new era of legal uncertainty.”

Susan McKees letter to The New York Daily News said that the tattoo business is one of the few businesses that “allows the tattoo artist to remain open even if he is unable to work.”

The letter said that “the tattoo artist has the right to remain in the business even if his or her health has deteriorated or if he or she has been unable to continue with the tattoo.”

It was the second time the McKees have been told by a Wisconsin court that their business is in legal jeopardy because of McKees death.

The first ruling was issued in January 2016, when the McKeees’ tattoo shop was found guilty of violating the Wisconsin Tattoo Protection Act by offering customers a free tattoo that didn’t have McKee on it.

The McKees say that the law was intended to protect the tattooist’s property, not his life.

“We are now faced with the decision whether to keep the business open and protect the artist’s property,” the letter read.

“We believe that this is an appropriate time to do so, especially given the uncertainty surrounding the future of this law and the impact it may have on our business and our customers.”

The McKee family is seeking a temporary restraining order that would prevent the tattoo shop from operating.

The McKees filed for bankruptcy in 2016, and their daughter, Erin, said that she is still trying to find the money for her sister to visit her mother.

“I don’t think that I’ll ever be able get out of here,” Erin McKee told the Daily News.

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