What is cancer? The cancer meme

A popular meme on Twitter recently used the word “cancer” as a meme, according to the company.

It was a reference to the term cancer, an infectious disease characterized by tumors and spread through contact with other cells.

The word, used in a series of images and captions, was first published by the news site Mashable in 2015.

The meme, which has been widely shared and has been seen by more than 15 million people on Twitter, originated with the hashtag #cancer, which stands for cancer.

It quickly spread across social media platforms, as well as among cancer-focused groups.

“It’s definitely a new meme, one that’s been around for a while,” said Matt Fenton, the co-founder of the cancer advocacy organization Cancer Action Network.

“I think it’s a nice way to say that people are scared and that they need to stay away from certain areas.”

Fenton said that while it was a popular meme among people on social media, he did not believe it was necessarily a malicious tweet.

“What people did was, they just picked it up, looked at it and saw how many people were retweeting it and saying, ‘Hey, I want to see how bad it gets,'” he said.

“And then, the next day, it was back in the top 10.”

He said that cancer has become an issue in India and around the world.

“There is a really, really strong message that it’s something that can be cured and that it can be eradicated,” Fenton added.

In India, there is an estimated 4.5 million cases of cancer every year.

India has also reported that its cancer deaths have more than doubled in the past two decades.

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