Trump blasts media for calling him ‘a liar’

President Donald Trump slammed the media Wednesday for labeling him a liar.

The president slammed the mainstream media for its coverage of his health issues and called the coverage of the news media a “sad, sad, sad spectacle.”

Trump said his health has become the subject of much criticism, but the media is not focusing on the real issues.

“The press doesn’t focus on the fact that I have no health, they focus on their phony lies,” Trump said at a rally in West Virginia.

The media, he said, wants to “tell me my health is a lie, tell me I’m a liar, and I’m not a liar.”

The president also accused the mainstream news media of being “the most dishonest and deceptive of all.”

Trump also said that “the media has gone completely batshit crazy” over the president’s diagnosis of lung cancer.

“They’re now trying to say he’s not going to make it, that he has cancer,” Trump told the crowd.

“I don’t believe that.”

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