‘Pancreatitis is not cancer’: Canadian woman says her cancer is not the ‘real deal’

An Ontario woman has told the CBC that her cancer has not been the “real deal” after she tested positive for pancreatitis.

In an interview with CBC Radio’s Power & Passion on Friday, the unidentified woman said she had been diagnosed with the disease on January 10.

“I’ve been battling it since my mid-20s, and it’s a tough disease,” she said.

“It’s very hard to get through, and if you have this disease, it’s like, ‘You’re not going to get around.'”

The woman said her diagnosis came after her pancreas was surgically removed in October 2017.

She said she’s “very grateful” for the care and support she has received since the procedure.

“People in general, they don’t have to worry about it,” she added.

“You don’t even need to be diagnosed, you just need to know you’re not alone.”

According to the CBC, “Pancreas can only be removed surgically if the pancrease is removed.

It’s a rare disease, so it’s not uncommon to have it on the outside of the pancrea.”

However, the woman said the diagnosis was not the “fortunate one” she expected.

“When I got the diagnosis, I was just really upset,” she told the broadcaster.

“There were so many people that were just like, what are you doing?

What’s going on?”

In an earlier interview with the CBC in June 2017, the same woman said, “I’m hoping it’s something else than pancreatitis.”

However the woman told the outlet that her symptoms are not related to pancreatitis, as she’s been treated for a different type of pancreatitis that causes inflammation and a rash.

“As I have gotten older, my symptoms have become more severe,” she explained.

“That’s been a really tough one, because I’ve been trying to get rid of this thing for so long.

I’ve tried so hard.

I’m just glad that my symptoms are gone.”

She said the symptoms of the condition have not returned since the surgery, and she’s now “living with it.”

“It doesn’t bother me that it’s on the inside, and there’s no symptoms at all,” she noted.

“My symptoms just feel like a cold.

That’s all I want is for the outside to go away.”

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