Leo Carrillo: Cancer Leo Cusp is ‘A Special Person’

Leo Carrillos latest venture is one of the most exciting in the world of music.

And in a recent interview with The Associated Press, the musician spoke about how he was able to make the journey to a remission of lung cancer.

“There was nothing I had done,” Carrillo told the AP.

“I’d been on antibiotics for a long time, and they made me feel sick.

I had this strange, very weird feeling that I was not well.

So, when I was diagnosed with cancer, I was like, ‘Oh my god, what am I doing?'”

He continued, “I had no idea.

I never knew I was going to be in remission.”

Carrillo went on to say that when he was in remission, he was feeling “very depressed.”

But, as he went through the journey, he found himself finding joy in his life, and being able to “see people, seeing a world, and not seeing myself.”

Carcillos path to remission began in 2015, when he received an email from his daughter, Amber Carrillo, about a cancer diagnosis.

She told him that she was diagnosed in January 2017.

The cancer was in his chest and his rib cage, and it had spread to his liver, pancreas, and blood vessels.

“It was a life-changing experience,” Carrillo said.

“The first thing that I thought was, ‘I want to be alive.’

It was so much different.”

Carmillos son, Tyler, followed in his father’s footsteps, and in May 2018, Carrillo was able, through a miraculous surgery, to be cured of his cancer.

He told the Associated Press that the treatment he received from a surgeon, Dr. James McQuaid, “put me back in the right frame of mind.”

Cancer leo Cusps path to recovery was even more remarkable.

He said that he “felt so proud” when he learned of the success of his son’s cancer.

In a tweet, Tyler Carrillo wrote, “Today I received news from Leo that his cancer has gone down to a manageable level.

Thank you to Leo, the family, and everyone who has supported me through this journey.”

Tyler Carrillo also shared his thoughts on the cancer leo cancer ribbon.

“We are so thankful to Leo for making this possible for so many people,” he wrote.

“He is truly a special person and has shown that by sharing his story with others.

He’s the epitome of what the world needs.”

Caught in a bubbleThe world may not know Leo Carrilly’s story, but he’s been a prominent figure in the music world for decades.

In the 1970s, he formed the band, The Beatles, which went on tour the world.

Later, in the 1980s, the band released their album, The White Album.

In 1993, he began playing guitar, and his songs reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In 2014, The Rolling Stones released their Grammy-winning album, American Psycho.

A year later, Carrillies album, My Generation, came out.

In 2018, the album went platinum.

In the 2016 Oscars ceremony, he received a special honor for his performance in the song “Loving You,” in which he shared his own story of overcoming cancer.

The album’s “Lovin’ It” also won a Grammy for best rock song.

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