How to prevent miscarriage and ovarian cancer

A mother with ovarian cancer who tried a fertility drug has told doctors she has lost the baby, after her symptoms became worse.

Molly Smith, 44, said she used an anti-depressant to calm her and was on the pill for several months, but the medication did not help.

She said she was also on medication to fight her blood sugar, which she thought was a sign of her illness.

She also suffered migraines, but she said she thought they were the result of the anti-psychotic medication.

Smith said she lost the pregnancy at the beginning of July and she has been having difficulty getting to work since the end of July.

She has been at home and her husband, who has dementia, has moved out of the home.

She said her doctor said she should have stopped taking the drug, but Smith said doctors told her to stop because they felt she needed it to control her symptoms.

Smith was at the doctor’s office Wednesday to get a urine sample and to get another exam.

The results showed her ovarian cancer was cancerous.

Smith is in the process of having her tubes tied and a blood test scheduled.

Her next appointment is scheduled for Aug. 6.

She is still undergoing treatment.

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