How to play the game: The latest transfer news and rumours

In the wake of the Juventus transfer saga, we asked several football fans about how they would take advantage of the latest transfer saga and what it might mean for their team’s chances of qualifying for the Champions League.

Here are the most popular suggestions:Keep the same squad: “I would keep the same team, but don’t have too many players with a lower position.”

“Players with a low position should be given a chance to play, while the rest of the squad should be promoted.”

“It’s not about who you put on the pitch, but about whether they can perform in front of you.”

“Make sure you’ve got enough players who can perform, not just in midfield.”

“Keep all the players who will be available for selection in your squad.”

“There’s no reason why the players with the lowest positions should be relegated, but you should be careful about how you go about this.”

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