How to Avoid a Cancers Diagnosis

taurus is a Latin word meaning “to make a spear” and is the name of a constellation in the night sky.

Cancer doctors call this constellation “the spear of taurus”.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in the world, and it’s one of the most dangerous diseases to diagnose and treat.

The disease is the only one that is caused by a single type of cancer, and most people with cancer are unaware of it.

The most common type of torsade de pointe (TDP) is called anaplastic anaplasmosis (ANA) because of the way it causes cells to die.

The cancerous cells do not spread, and do not cause any symptoms.

There are several types of TDP, but the most common is the non-cancerous form.

TDP can cause life-threatening complications, including: swelling, bruising, and swelling of the surrounding tissue.

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