How the cancer zodoes got their names

By LEE C. THOMAS-BROOKS, Associated Press The American Cancer Society says it’s giving the cancer community another clue to the origins of the cancer-zodiac symbols.

It’s asking people to help identify them by checking out their name-sake, the zodiac signs, and a few other clues.

The American Association of Cancer Registrars is working with the American Cancer Research Foundation and the Cancer Prevention Research Institute to share the results.

The associations’ Zodiacs of the Cancer-Free Century project was created to help researchers and the public better understand the patterns and patterns of disease in the American population.

It has produced the first detailed map of the patterns of cancer in the country and it’s part of a broader effort to learn more about the causes of cancer and how to prevent it.

It comes amid growing interest in the zeros, which appear in many popular and ancient symbols.

Zeros are not an official part of the zodiacorneries.

“They’re not part of our codes, they’re not official symbols, and we want to make sure we have a good understanding of their origins,” said Chris Smith, a research scientist at the American Association for Cancer Research.

The Cancer-FREE Century project, which has a $10 million budget, aims to answer questions about the origins and nature of the American cancer zeros.

It includes a database of more than 15,000 zodiacs.

The list includes names such as A.C.H.B., American Cancer Association, American Cancer Prevention, American Capitalist, and the American Capital Institute.

A person with an American Cancer Center badge is given a zodiac sign that’s associated with a particular disease.

The zodiac is an arbitrary and symbolic representation of the cosmic and human forces that shape our world.

For example, the Cancer Zodiac has four phases: Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra.

Cancer is the most destructive of the four phases, and it kills nearly 90 percent of the human race.

The next-most destructive phase, Scorpio, kills only around 1 percent of people and can only be triggered by a person who is at high risk of cancer.

A third of the cancers in the U.S. are incurable, and nearly half of those are fatal.

The fourth phase, Aquarius, is usually associated with wealth and beauty.

Cancer can also cause mental illness, depression and other psychological conditions, and people with the zodiacornerie are more likely to have such conditions.

The association also points out that zodiacal signs are often based on geography, and so zodiac zodiac names could be more closely associated with locations, such as the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

A zodiac has more than 200 zodiac letters and the letters are composed of the six largest letters, a “triangular” arrangement.

For instance, the letter “a” in the name of an American Capital Corporation stands for “A Capital Corporation,” which means that the company’s primary purpose is investment.

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