How the cancer-related dates on this cancer patient’s cancer-dating site have been updated

The dates on cancer patient Susan J. Brown’s cancer dating site have changed to include her diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, according to a press release from the American Cancer Society.

Brown was diagnosed with Hodgkin disease on February 5.

Brown is one of several patients who have changed the date of their cancer diagnosis on their dating sites to reflect their cancer status.

Brown, a senior in the University of Texas at Austin’s College of Business, said in a statement that her date update was changed on February 7, three days after her diagnosis.

“This update was a bit of a surprise because I had been posting on the date and then on February 10 when I saw the update on the page,” Brown told CNN.

“The cancer date changed to February 7 so that’s when I realized I was not actually diagnosed with the disease.

I’ve been using that date as a reminder to myself to be more cautious when I post and update.”

Brown said she has been a patient for nearly a year and was a patient on both the date update and the cancer date update.

The American Cancer Association is working with Brown and the American Society for Human Genetics to update their dates for the other cancer-positive patients.

In a statement, the American Association for Cancer Research said, “We are in the process of updating the date ranges on our site and the dates are accurate and accurate for those of us who are currently undergoing treatment for cancer.”

In addition to the cancer dates on Brown’s dating site, the other patients who changed the dates of their dates included the following: Elizabeth Wood, who was diagnosed on November 8; Jennifer Stinson, who has been diagnosed on December 1; and Emily McNeil, who had been diagnosed in January.

The Associated Press first reported the change.

Brown has not returned messages left by CNN.

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