How much poop should you throw in your colon cancer diagnosis?

The National Institutes of Health says it’s too soon to recommend colon cancer treatments.

But that doesn’t mean the agency doesn’t want you to know what’s in your feces.

The NIH has issued a report called “The Effects of Intestinal Microbiota on Cancer Pathogenesis,” and it outlines how the body can use intestinal microbes to fight colon cancer.

In a nutshell, the NIH suggests that the best way to treat colon cancer is to get a colonoscopy and have the colon removed, with the help of a biopsy, or biopsy-proven test.

The NIH says the stool is a good proxy for what’s going on in your intestines, and that it’s best to avoid stool samples from people who are obese or underweight.

And it recommends that you only take stool samples that have been tested for colorectal cancer.

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