Cancer man’s date dies of cancer after surgery

A cancer patient whose date was killed by a medical emergency has died after undergoing a hysterectomy, doctors said on Thursday.

The man, who had undergone a hystalocortical bypass, died of cancer on March 6 after surgery at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Swedish doctors said in a statement.

The hospital, in southern Sweden, said the man had been in a serious condition for several weeks.

“We have lost another patient to cancer,” it said in the statement.

“The patient was a man in his 60s, but we are trying to get his family’s consent for his cremation,” the hospital said.

Doctors at Karolinskolan Hospital in Sweden say a patient had died from cancer.

The patient had a history of health problems, but no specific causes of death, the hospital added.

Doctors said the hystas were performed at the same hospital where they had performed the bypass operation, which was a significant medical achievement.

The procedure had been recommended by doctors at Karolina Hospital in Stockholm.

The surgery was performed by the same team that had operated on the man.

It is the second hystolic bypass surgery in Sweden this year.

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